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We are a coalition of the willing who are committed to changing how education is funded in California.

  1. We hold to the principle that state funding for K-12 education should follow the student and not the school district.

  2. To that end and consistent with recent Supreme Court rulings, parents should be able to direct their students equal share of the states education budget to the public, private or parochial accredited school of their choice.

  3. Given that their allocation may be more than tuition costs, and that home school parents are not accredited, any funds left over will accumulate and may at age 18 be used for college or vocational training. Under the current budget allocation the amount would be $14,000 per student/per year.

  4. We intend to achieve these goals through the initiative process with a change to the California State Constitution.

  5. We have sent the initiative to the California Secretary of State for title and summary. When approved and returned we will have 180 days to collect 1.5 million signatures of registered voters to get the bill on the ballot for November 2022.

  6. Already some are trying to paint us into having an agenda for or against their favorite social justice issue. That is not true. We are non-partisan and encourage independence in curriculum so that parents may send their children to a school that is consistent with their values and aspirations.
  7. At this time, we are engaged in massive statewide organizing to put teams in place to help us achieve these simple goals. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to collect signatures wherever people gather. We are functioning as a Political Action Committee "Californians for School Choice" and therefore any donations are not tax deductible.

    8. This program only applies to K-12 students who opt-in and does not make any changes to Public Education. 

Our Issue is Freedom

If You Like Your Public School

You Can Keep It

Parents not Bureaucrats 


It's Your Kids, Your Money, and Your Choice!

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