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EDUCATION IMPACT 2021 A Time for Change

This event presented by Kingdom Builders Network, is the next event in their Culture Impact Series. There will be a small invitation only in-person audience.  This will be a Facebook live event, and will simultaneously be streamed on Youtube from Destiny Community Center in Rocklin, CA. 

This is a rapid-fire education overview. Why rapid fire? Many people are aware of the sexxx ed curriculum, but the problems are much bigger than that. An overview is needed for parents to understand their options for protecting their kids and bringing lasting change to the field of education. This event will feature subject matter experts addressing the following issues:

  • The History of Education (the good, bad and the ugly)
  • The Current Education Crisis (Academic failure, Revisionist history, CRT, Sexxx Ed, Legislation, etc.)
  • Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities (Parents, teachers, students)
  • Action/options if you want to stay in (Parents’ group and support orgs, Teacher support and unions, School Boards)
  • Action/options if you want to get out (Alternative schools and the California School Choice Foundation voter initiative entitled “The Education Freedom Act” for the Nov. 2022 election)

A link with further information on the event coming soon!

March 18, 2021 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Marilyn Jackson, Kingdom Builders Network

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