Hall of Fame/Shame

Who Does or Who Does Not Support School Choice


Hall of Fame

Hall of Shame

Kevin Kiley

California State Assembly

6th Assembly District

Mr. Kiley is running for Governor of California

 Randi Weingarten

 President American Federation of Teachers

Steven Choi

California State Assembly

68th Assembly District 

Cecily Myart-Cruz

President United Teachers Los Angeles (LAUSD)

Laurie Davies

California State Assembly

73rd Assembly District 

Gavin Newsom          

Governor of California

Thurston "Smitty" Smith

California State Assembly

33rd Assembly District 

Kisha Borden

President San Diego Education Association

Jim Nielsen

Jim Nielsen

CA State Senator

4th District 

E. Toby Boyd

President California Teachers Association


 Tom Lackey

 California State Assembly

 36th District

 Patrick O'Donnell

 California State Assembly

 70th District

 Author of AB 1316 to eradicate charter schools

 Ed Chau

 California State Assembly

 49th District

 School Choices for Parents

 Maria Elena Durazo

 California State Senate

 SD 24 District 

 Author of Anti-Charter Bill


 Larry Elder

 Radio Show Talk Show Host and Pundit
 KABC, Salem Media Group in Los Angeles

 Larry is known as "The Sage of South Central" and is currently   running for Governor of California.

 Sydney Kamlager

 California State Senate

 SD 30 District 

 Endorsed by California Federation of Teachers and California   Teachers Association







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