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How will this affect local control of education?



Generally, the passage of the Education Freedom Act will have no structural impact on the current public school system. The proposed initiative will not degrade the public school system in any way; it will only make schools and school districts more competitive in order to deliver a product their customers demand. The current California educational system will be preserved intact. The local school districts will continue to be operated as they are now. They can continue to choose which students they will accept (also known as ZIP Code discrimination). They will continue to hire their own teachers and employees. With voter approval, they will continue to be able to float bond issues to construct school facilities and pass) parcel taxes earmarked for schools. 

The only difference is that the bulk of the revenue will come from parents who enter into contracts with the local public school using the credit from their child’s Educational Savings Account. In brief, very little will change and yet everything will change because of the introduction of competition into the California education system.

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