I keep hearing that competition and profit in education is bad for kids and does not work.

Education is a service that we currently pay for with our tax dollars. Unless you are affluent, you have no influence on where and how your children are prepared to thrive in a changing and challenging world.

Currently, educational decisions are  made by unaccountable bureaucrats often hired by our elected leadership. The public employee and teacher unions incestuously fund our elected representatives' political campaigns. Even with the very best of intentions, the system is inherently corrupt by design. It shifts funding priorities away from the welfare of the student to the welfare of the public employee unions.

Introducing competition into the marketplace will dramatically improve education in California.  To compete and attract students (customers), schools will constantly seek new and innovative ways to provide the best service at the lowest cost. The winner will be the children, especially those currently living in our less affluent neighborhoods.

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  • Anne Marie Simoneau
    published this page in FAQ 2021-05-18 14:55:01 -0700