Part II: What’s really going on in The Big Red Schoolhouse?

Last week, the so-called National Education Association floated a proposal to change the language in its contracts. It proposed to change terms like “mother,” “father,” and “maternity leave” with gender-neutral terms. In one instance they sought to change “mother” to “birthing parent,” “father” to “non-birthing parent,” and “maternity leave” to “parental leave” in the name of LGBTQ inclusion. When the press got hold of this, the NEA quickly tabled the proposal. Tabled or not, it is coming soon to a school district near you.


So, what is this all about? Taking them at their word – a dubious effort at best – one might conclude it is just another instance in which the Left panders politically to its most radical constituents. While that is certainly part of what is going on, the larger project is part of the totalitarian assault on our society. My use of the word “totalitarian” is not a gratuitous political slur. Quite the contrary, I employ it deliberately and in the narrowest and most specific sense of the word.

Complete Subservience of The Individual to the State

The Oxford English Dictionary (my favorite) defines totalitarianism as “pertaining to a system of government which tolerates only one political party, to which all other institutions are subordinated, and which usually demands the complete subservience of the individual to the State.” In this definition, the term “party” must not be interpreted too literally. Properly speaking a “party” is a group of individuals who share an ideology and work together to implement it politically, tolerating no opposition. All other institutions, viz., schools, are subordinated to it. The second part of the definition, however, is the most important. This political system compels the complete, i.e. “total,” subservience of the individual to the State. In a totalitarian society, therefore, all institutions are ordered and directed toward this end.
The totalitarians know well that these goals cannot be easily achieved or long sustained in a free society. Totalitarian order cannot be imposed. It must be chosen. It is necessary, therefore, to attack the mind, will and memory of that society. Adulthood is too late to start the process of indoctrination. It must start as soon as possible and continue for as long as possible. Welcome to K12.

The K12 Indoctrination Machine

Getting back to the NEA’s “birthing person” jargon, we can now understand that the full-scale attack on our society, culture and institutions necessarily begins with all-out assault on the language itself. “Teachers” assert in the classroom that the government owns the language and that henceforth the hapless students will only use the words that these agents of government permit. Moreover, they assign new meanings to words at will, just as they contend that the sex of an individual can be reassigned at will. Gender-bending begins with word bending. This is how the pronoun wars started. Having changed the very meaning of words, these same government agents then punish any contrary or unapproved use of the language.

This behavior is not merely an assault on vocabulary. It is a wholesale assault on reality itself. The goal is to get the student and future citizen to deny what his own senses tell him. If a student can tolerate the absurdity of a biological man becoming a woman, he is likely to believe that he was born racist and cannot do anything about it. Thus, the political manipulation of language prepares the future citizen to subordinate his mind, his reason and all of his critical faculties to the demands of the government. In so
doing he will fully abdicate his individuality and his own rights and needs, subordinating everything to
the demand of the Leviathan state. This is the very essence of totalitarianism.

Government Schools are the Vanguard of the Totalitarian Left

Bearing all of this in mind, it is easier to understand that the schools, not street thugs, are the real
vanguard of the left. The classroom is the real battlefield. This is where the real struggle for the hearts,
minds and souls of our children is being waged. This is where the real future of America will be decided.
This is why we must waste no time in asserting the natural right of all parents to control and direct the
moral, intellectual, and religious formation of their own children.

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Mike Alexander

Chairman, Californians for School Choice

President, California School Choice Foundation