Petition and Instructions


Reach out to your friends and neighbors for signatures.

You can get started now!

Scout out locations where you can set up a table to collect the signatures necessary to bring real school choice freedom to the parents and students of California. 

Some ideas where to set up your station. 

Churches before and after services.

Schools when parents are picking up and dropping off their children. 

Friendly businesses like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Super Markets etc.

Contact our HQ and let us know where you are going to be.

You can even walk your own neighborhood.  

Petitions are now available. There are several ways to get petitions. Check the Petition Pick Up/Drop Off page for locations where you can pick up larger amounts of petitions for your events.  Avail yourself as well of the Volunteer Signature Gatherers Toolkit.

If you wish to order 20 petitions or less, go to our Order Materials page to place an order. Avail yourself of the Volunteer Signature Gatherers Toolkit.

You can also check the Calendar page for long term locations/businesses where you can both sign the petition and pick up a few petitions to collect signatures from you family, friends and neighbors.

Another important opportunity - Volunteer with us to connect with others in your area!

Thank You