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Two Church Sign Ups

Sign up for two churches 


Please select the church, if the wish to volunteer and if  they wish to become team leader. (click both)


Auto report of signing the petition. Not necessary to sign again.




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Volunteer Kickoff June 10th

These people will be tagged with interest_volunteer, san-bernardino,

Point Person Dale Broom. 

Dale is now an admin.

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ARK Church of Redlands

Members of the ARK Church of Redlands

The California School Choice Foundation is dedicated to bringing more choices in education to all K-12 students. 

We are working to see that all children can go to the government, private and parochial school of their choice by bringing the free market into education. Imagine every K-12 student having $12,500 each year into their very own Education Savings Account to help pay tuition.

But wait there's more!

Home School students share accumulates.

Imagine having $120,000

waiting for your child to be used for college or vocational training after they graduate.

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