We Invite You to Get Involved!

1. Click "Join" above and register on our website.

   a. This will allow us to stay in touch with you via email and text messaging.

   b. You will get special log in privileges that will allow you to make comments on the site and when you become a team leader to upload flyers, signs, training materials and other useful information. 


1. Click "Volunteer" above and you can-

    a. Let us know how you are willing to help bring School Choice to the K-12 students in California.

    b. Most importantly we need people who are willing to collect the 1.5 million signatures needed.. You can go to churches, schools, clubs, neighborhoods, friends and family. The possibilities are endless.

    c. Community organize. Create your own mini-organization to walk neighborhoods or man a "Sign the petition" table.

    d. If you have the skills and the drive you may even take a County leadership position. You will develop the skills necessary if you are  thinking about running for political office. Do not forget to ask about this possibility.