To what extent, if any, will the state be able to regulate the curriculum of private schools?

As currently drafted, the Educational Savings Act provides as follows:

Education Code section 69995.5

(c) The State shall not impose any condition on the eligibility of any private school, college, or university to receive funds other than the following:

1.Periodic certification that an eligible child is enrolled in and attending the school.

2.Periodic certification that the amount paid is only used for tuition and eligible education expenses.

3.Current accreditation.

4.The general health and safeties standards applicable to all private schools operating a California.

    As the initiative sponsors complete their legislative review and due diligence, these provisions may be strengthened and made more specific.  The goal is to ensure that the teacher unions acting through their surrogates in the State and local school districts are not able to regulate participating institutions out of existence thereby transforming current private institutions into public proxies for the implementation of the same social and political agenda that participating parents seek to avoid.

It is important to remember this bill is designed to as much as possible provide no strings attached to students and schools being able to qualify for funding. So under the bill, funding cannot be withheld based on having a specific program or curriculum. 


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