We Support a Woman’s Right to Choose...

... the Best Education for Their Children's Needs

We at California School Choice are committed to the idea that all women have the right to provide their children the finest education possible without regard to their race, class, gender or sexual orientation. By signing the petition on our website, you will join us supporting the idea that California’s children will not be trapped in a failing public school due to their home address. Low income families will finally be able to afford the same fine private and religious schools where the more affluent and the ruling elite send their children. If parents prefer their local public or charter school, they are encouraged to enroll them there.

The magic is this. We know that all children have their own special gifts and abilities. Parents will be able to select the school that best suit the needs of their children. Expect better educational outcomes and a better future for the children.

Parents who are concerned with their children’s moral formation and the indoctrination that is now occurring in our public schools will have positive options. Imagine being able to send your children to schools that teach traditional Western Civilization values and basic Americanism.

Finally, parents will be able to end the dumbing down that is occurring in public schools across the country due to Common Core.

Only you can affect real positive change in our education system. It is time to give Californians real choice in how education dollars are distributed. The great news is that competition will now force all schools both public and private to improve.

The choice is yours. Learn what we are doing and get involved in the process by signing the petition. Now is the time for you to exercise your right to choose.

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