Why isn't the amount allocated for each student income qualified?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the upper 20% of wage earners currently pay 84% of all income tax collected. Other estimates are as high as 91%. That means the higher wage earners already pay nearly all of the funding for k-12 education. This wealth re-distribution system is already highly progressive. The majority of the upper 20% wage earners do not have children in K-12 education and would be drawing no financial benefit. Putting all K-12 California students on equal financial footing is extremely fair.

Every student and socio/economic situation is unique. The variables are so great that we prefer just to treat every student equally. We believe we offer the greatest possible benefits to the economically challenged as well as the middle class and those who really pay the bills.. 

We choose not to discriminate based on race, class, gender, orientation, religion or political affiliation. 

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  • Anne Marie Simoneau
    published this page in FAQ 2021-05-18 14:53:26 -0700