Why School Choice? It's Because We Care

Our mission is simple.

To bring educational opportunity and freedom to every K-12 student in California.

Why School Choice?

“It’s about the children, stupid”

With apologies to James Carville 1992


California Public Education is Failing

  1. Public school students have suffered from poor policies, worse curriculum mandates, and declining expectations.
  2. Test scores are unacceptable, graduations rates tragic, and college admission rates pathetic.
  3. The children who suffer the most attend our failing public schools and reside in our lower income inner cities.
  4. There are great teachers and administrators who are trying to make a difference, but they are being beaten down by the teacher’s unions.

There are large waiting lists at the better Charter Schools. They lack the funding from public school districts to make much needed seats available.

If our elected and public-school officials wanted to fix these problems, they would have.

We at Californians for School Choice are haunted by the cries of parents who are seeking a better future for their children. We share in their anguish.

The Educational Freedom Act (The first and best bill.)

  1. All K-12 students who opt-in without restrictions shall have $14,000 deposited into an Education Savings Account (ESA).  All students are eligible immediately.  
  2. Parents may direct funds to the accredited public, private, or religious school of their choice to help pay tuition. Accreditation and basic site safety are the only requirements to become a participating school.
  3. Unspent funds accumulate without any caps and may be used to pay for vocational training or college after graduation. There are no  limits on how much can be saved.
  4. Home schools are eligible for the ESA but until graduation may not spend from the ESA unless they enroll in a participating private school.


  1. Never in history has more been done to help the least of us.
  2. Never have parents been able to do more to insure a better future for their precious children.
  3. Finally, legislation that really cares about parents and our children’s future.
  4. This bill is tax neutral and does not affect any special need or other programs. In fact, after 3 years public school per student revenue will likely increase.

Please join us at Californians for School Choice in helping parents a better future for our precious children.

Because We Care!

Thank You

Californians for School Choice


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