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In an era of high taxation, rising fuel prices, rampant inflation, layoffs and sky-high housing prices, parents have no choice but to remain in failing schools. But we don't have to accept that as reality. This initiative will give back power to parents who just want the best for their children.

But we need you!

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What people are saying about School Choice...

“I look forward to having a relationship with a school where there’s dynamic teaching, an emphasis on parent & student involvement, and opportunities for my children to become their best through both the school and parents' help.”

Shannyn Serrano
Mom & Church Staff

“I’m excited to hear about the personalized instruction each student will be receiving. It’s important to meet each child at their level so they can grow and achieve success, and this learning model will facilitate that.”

Stephanie Castro
Mom & Teacher

“In our family we have found that standard school programs don’t always allow for the flexibility some students need. Education aimed at bringing good foundational values, both academically and spiritually, is going to be a blessing to this community.”

Bianca Dijoy
Mom & Church Member

“We are really excited about the approach they are taking with their curriculum! Not every child has the same learning style or pace. This curriculum will look at them individually and cater to their strengths and weaknesses. I think this will be life changing for the students in our community!”

Melissa Puckett