Parents Deserve
to Choose.

Support the Educational Freedom Act Initiative to free California children from the failed public school system.

California schools were once the best in the nation...

Now, California schools are among the worst.

Government schools no longer provide excellent education.

One million students left the system in 2022.

Families can't afford private education.

We can do better!

The Educational Freedom Act Initiative will empower parents to decide how best to educate their children. The initiative's Four Points focus on the student, not the system.

Education Savings Account

An Education Savings Account ("ESA") will be established for each K-12 child in California on request.

Earn $15,000/year

Each year, that account will be credited with the student's share of Prop 98 funds - starting at (approximately) $15,000 per year.

Choose Any Accredited Private School

The parent will be able to direct those funds to participating accredited private or religious schools for tuition and other educational expenses.  The money will follow the student, not the politicians.

Unspent funds can be used for college or vocational training

Any unspent funds will accumulate and can be spent on college, vocational training, or other qualified educational expense.

Simple. Easy. Long Overdue.

In an era of high taxation, rising fuel prices, rampant inflation, layoffs and sky-high housing prices, parents have no choice but to remain in failing schools. But we don't have to accept that as reality. This initiative will give back power to parents who just want the best for their children.