Your Kids. Your Money. Their Future.

  • California will spend $80 billion this year on public education, yet our schools consistently rank among the nation's worst.

  • Radical social ideas are being forced on our kids.

  • Students are trapped by their zip code in schools that are unsafe and failing.

  • Most parents cannot afford higher performing private education.

It's just not fair.
There is a solution:
School Choice!

  • Instead of tax dollars going to public schools, that money would go to parents to send their child to a school of their choice.

  • At least $12,000 per student per year to attend a public, private, charter or parochial school.

  • Any money not used for tuition may be saved for college and/or vocational training.

The “School Choice 2022” initiative proposes an amendment to the State Constitution which will establish an “Education Savings Account” for every California student (K-12).
  • An Education Savings Account will be created for every school age child (K-12) in California.

  • Each year the State will deposit into that account a sum equal to the average amount spent by the state on each school age child (at least $12,000).

  • This money can be used to attend a school chosen by the parents. The child can remain at the current public school or attend an accredited charter, private or parochial school.

  • Any money not used for tuition may be accumulated and used for other qualified educational expenses and/or saved and used for college and/or post-high school vocational training.